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About Wendy Aridela

From an early age - possibly in response to having a mother who was often ill - I had a strong sense of wanting to be some kind of helper or healer. My original plan was to be an Educational Psychologist but as (by then) a single parent with three children, I couldn't afford to do the training. However, I found a way to do something with the same kind of feel to it by becoming a specialist teacher for children with behavioural and learning difficulties. Because I was a specialist, the pay was good and I spent years at the top of the teaching salary scale. However, the call to be doing something different grew and grew until it reached a point where I was faced with a choice - keep the secure job or do something new?.........

It would be nice to be able to say that I made the choice with the obvious spiritual Brownie points attached. Everyone who has ever read any spiritual development/follow your destiny type of books knows very well that the "right" answer at this point is to follow your heart and trust Spirit to make it all work out, right? Yes, well that's the benefit of hindsight for you!

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