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The Online Write-a-Book Program

You've read my book, Write a Book in 30 Days, but you don't quite think you can do it completely on your own? You'd like additional help, but you don't need a complete wraparound package?
Here's a solution!

Wouldn't the whole task be so much easier if you got daily emails to tell you what to do next? Think how much more likely you'd be to stay on track if you had clear instructions, day by day, on how to plan your book, with videos to show you how to format the text and how to upload the manuscript for publishing - all presented in bite-sized chunks.
No more overwhelm.
No more confusion.
Every day, you just complete the next small piece of writing and do the next small task to turn your manuscript into a finished book.
Can you see how this would help you to stay on track?

To make it even easier, the program allows you to spread the book-planning process over 7 days, so that you set yourself up for success - book-planning made as simple and easy as possible!

After you've planned your book, you'll receive a sequence of emails to encourage you to stay on track with your writing and to complete the book on time. That way, your motivation stays high and you don't run out of steam half way through - which can easily happen if you spread your writing over months and months.
The emails make it as easy as possible to write your book in 30 days.

But what if you want to take longer than that? What if you think 30 days might be unrealistic for you? What if you'd rather write your book over 30 WEEKS. for example? This program is set up to allow for complete flexibility. You can take as long as you need. You'll only get the next email in the sequence after OPENING the previous one. So the emails won't pile up in your inbox - they'll match your speed of working. You'll still get the motivation and support you need - but at your own pace.

To make the program even more supportive, you'll automatically join a members'-only group on Facebook so you can get help with any problems that crop up.

Doesn't that sound good?
By now, you're probably expecting this to cost a fortune! But no! I'm deeply committed to helping you share your gifts and expertise with the world. Writing a book is a brilliant way to do that, so I want to make it as easy as possible, for as many people as possible.