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One-to-One Book Coaching

If you find the idea of writing a book by yourself is rather daunting - even with an instruction book - then I can offer a complete wraparound support package.
If you want to get your book written sooner, rather than later, but don't feel up to doing the whole thing completely on your own, I offer one-to-one book coaching.

We begin with a 2 hour consultation (which can be over Skype/Zoom) in which I take you through all the steps to plan your book in detail. This book planning process is the secret to being able to write your book as easily and quickly as possible - in 30 days, if you want - and still end up with a high-quality book that flows well and sounds professional.
At the end of this, you'll have a book-plan and a writing schedule.

I've found that planning in detail overcomes the problem of sitting staring at a blank sheet of paper, wondering what to write, or of putting together a disjointed book which reads as if it was written in short bursts.

For ongoing support and accountability I then offer a support package which consists of 2 x 30 minute Skype calls per month plus ongoing proof-reading.

Finally, I offer a tech-support package to assist you to upload your book to Amazon's self-publishing platform and to design an eye-catching cover.

If this sounds right up your street, please get in touch to arrange a FREE, no-obligation call to see if we're a good fit..

Let's get your book written!

The complete Book-coaching package includes: 2-hour book-planning session 1 or 2 video-calls each month to keep you on track. (3-month and 6-month packages available) Initial proof-reading Technical help to upload your manuscript. Assistance with cover design. Your investment: 3-month package - £647 6-month package - £797