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Living at the Crossroads

The book for everyone who is feeling the call to be more, do more, make a bigger difference and help more people. It is likely to be particularly helpful to people who feel the need to change at mid-life.

How to Meditate

A simple explanation of what meditation is and how to do it, written in a jargon-free style. This book makes no assumptions about your spiritual beliefs or even that you have any.

Still Smiling by Christmas!

Too many teachers suffer from stress, burn-out and frustration. This easy-to-read handbook gives some simple and practical techniques for putting you back in the driver's seat of your own life. These techniques work and are instantly applicable in the classroom.
You won’t necessarily feel better overnight. Relaxation, mindfulness and meditation are skills that need practice over time. But if you keep putting these ideas into practice in your life, you’re likely to be surprised at just how much difference such simple changes can make.
Until the time comes when despite the school inspectors, despite the work-load, despite the Government and your weirder colleagues – despite even the rehearsals for the end-of-term play – you’re still smiling at Christmas!