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Write a Book in 30 Days

A practical workbook to lead you through every step
In this book, Wendy Aridela outlines a process for writing a simple book in 30 days. She offers a range of planning templates to make the process as easy as possible and guides you in a step-by-step process to decide what kind of book would work best for you to achieve the personal or business goals you have in mind. She then outlines how you can self-publish your book and some of the ways in which you can publicise it. The book is intended for owners of small businesses, coaches, therapists or solo entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to advertise and share their skills and expertise while also creating an additional income stream. It is written in a workbook format, to help you get started straight away on planning and writing your book.

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Reprogramming your Money-Mind

Is money a problem-area in your life? Do you seem to get stuck in some way around it?
What ever the problem, the underlying cause is likely to be faulty money-programming.
You may have limiting beliefs around money - a block on the mental level.
Or you could be suffering from fear, anger or shame around money - blocks on the emotional level.
Maybe you find it hard to trust and have difficulty being open to receive - a block on the spiritual level.
Or you may simply lack some of the real-life, physical level skills around money - budgeting, saving, and creating more income.
Wherever and however you are stuck, this book offers guidelines for getting yourself unstuck!
It gives you a wealth of practical tools and techniques for identifying snarled-up money programming and reprogramming your money-mind for deep, long-lasting prosperity.

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The Soulmate Solution

A Soulmate is someone whose energy is on the same frequency as your soul. They resonate with who you really are – beyond your fears, your doubts, your craziness or your insecurities. And so they act on you like a tuning fork – bringing you into a deeper and deeper resonance with who you truly are. They will make you grow in ways that no-one else will. If you want a relationship on the frequency of the Soul, a relationship of love, compassion, deep understanding and total openness, that’s the vibration you need to be living on. That’s what you need to be emanating. As long as you are emanating need, want or frustration, you won’t be on the same frequency as your Soulmate, so they won’t turn up. So how do you release the fear, the need, the frustration and get into the energy of love and joy? That's what this book is all about.