Wendy Aridela- Unlocking your Money-Genius

Explore the many faces of Abundance!

The Goddesses of Abundance - a set of cards and a guidebook to help you connect with Abundance in your world, in your life and in your heart!

Abundance is everywhere. And it starts with you.
As I accept the Abundance within and allow myself to express it, my life increasingly reflects Abundance all around me.
You see, Abundance is a 2-way flow. It's not just the money and other good things that flow into our lives. It's also a measure of how much each one of us is an expression of that Light Within that is uniquely our own.
Each person on this planet is uniquely and gloriously Gifted; every single person has contribution to make that can only come from them. This is a world with no spare parts; no-one else can take your place.
The more authentically and comprehensively you can share your unique Gift with the world, the more you allow your innate Abundance to shine, the more easily and automatically Abundance - of all kinds - will flow back to you from all around. This book helps you find new ways to do that.

At just £10, it is extraordinarily good value for money, as it contains a link to download the whole pack of Goddess cards and print them off for yourself. So, as well as a book, you get a whole pack of cards, too!

Buy now on Amazon - just £10

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