Wendy Aridela- Helping you Live your Gifts

A lot of us, when we hit a financial challenge, are prone to ask ourselves very DISEMPOWERING questions.
"How did I spend all that money?"
"OMG, How am I going to make the rent this month?"
"Why am I such an idiot with money?"...... and so on.

The trouble with questions like that, is that we answer them for ourselves.
"By being a financial imbecile...."
"By getting stupidly overdrawn..."
"I think I'm genetically incompetent" .... you get the idea.

The big snag with that, is that we believe what we think!

So what's the alternative?
What about asking yourself EMPOWERING questions?
What about asking yourself a series of empowering questions that are designed to send your unconscious mind on a search for answers which then install in you a whole load of new beliefs and ideas around money, abundance, worthiness, gratitude and value?

That's what the Empowering Questions Programme does.
Every day, for 40 days, you get an email with an empowering question. Day by day, week by week, you find subtle shifts occurring in your beliefs. Your thinking starts to change. And as your thinking changes, all kinds of interesting coincidences start to happen in the world around you.

The first time I piloted this course, one participant got given the deposit for a new car, while another was gifted with airline tickets for a far Eastern holiday! But even without really extraordinary results like that, participants have seen unexpected money turn up and have opened doors to business opportunities they hadn't anticipated at all.