Wendy Aridela- Unlocking your Money-Genius

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You've heard of "Million Dollar Ideas." But where do you go to find them? Facebook might be a great place to start!

In books and films we've all come across the idea of the "Million Dollar Idea." But where on Earth do you get million dollar ideas from? They don't grow on trees!

And school teaches most people that only the chosen few are creative.
Van Gogh, maybe. Mozart. Einstein. But the rest of us? Well, we plebs should stay humble. But, you know what? It's not true. Creative thinking is a skill you can learn. Creativity is your birth-right. Let's claim it!

Science has found that the biggest difference between creative thinkers and non-creative people is that the creative ones have come to see themselves as creative and the non-creative ones have come to believe that they aren't.

So let's start exploring - maybe we can generate some million-dollar ideas of our own!