Wendy Aridela- Helping you Live your Gifts

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Hi! I'm Wendy Aridela and my business is helping people to live their gifts. So many people in midlife - especially women - start to feel that they have grown out of their life. There’s a call within you that won’t go away - a call to do more, be more, live more authentically. You realise that you have so much within you, so much unlived potential, that the world hardly ever gets to see - because life presents too few opportunities for sharing it. Some of you know exactly what you want to do - I want to heal, I want to write, I want to create beauty, I want to restore the planet to balance. Others of you only feel, “It’s not this - it’s not this life I’m living. There’s so much MORE out there, so much MORE within me. I can feel it - but I don’t know how to live it.” This is my mission in life. To help you grow. To help you release blocks. To help you soar. To help you find your way. And it’s not because I have all the answers - your answers are in you. But I can help you find those answers and connect the dots. And I can help with some of the specific skills you may need along the way.

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Many people at this time are finding themselves at a crossroads in life - it feels as if they have grown out of their old identity. They are drawn to take their life in a new direction, often with no clear idea of how that will look.
They know that they could be making a bigger difference in the world even if, right now, they aren't sure what that is.
There's an inner call that won't go away - a pull towards expressing more of the potential they feel deep within.
Is this you?
Then this could be the book you have been looking for!