Wendy Aridela- (Re)Designing Your Heart-Centred Life

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Hi! I'm Wendy Aridela and my business is heart-centred life (re)design. I work with women who recognise that their current life no longer meets their needs or makes them happy (if it ever did) In my Life (Re)Design Program I help you articulate a Vision of what you want and need to match your values,success style profile and current financial needs. I then help you get more deeply in touch with inner guidance and also learn some Design Thinking skills to generate a range of possible options to explore. We'll then develop a step by step action plan to take you towards your new life - and beyond. For those who want something less than a total package I have a variety of programs to help you move to a more heart-centred way of living. There are programs on money, stress, meditation - even writing your own book! I hope to connect with you soon - to help you design your heart-centred life.

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Many people at this time are finding themselves at a crossroads in life - it feels as if they have grown out of their old identity. They are drawn to take their life in a new direction, often with no clear idea of how that will look.
They know that they could be making a bigger difference in the world even if, right now, they aren't sure what that is.
There's an inner call that won't go away - a pull towards expressing more of the potential they feel deep within.
Is this you?
Then this could be the book you have been looking for!