Wendy Aridela- Unlocking your Money-Genius

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What is your gift, your soul-calling? What makes you come alive and shine? My mission is to help you make a better living from following that call. Whether you need creative ideas for new income streams, help to reprogram limiting beliefs around prosperity, or ways to connect more deeply with your Soul-Calling, you can find help here.

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Is money a problem-area in your life? Do you seem to get stuck around it? You can't save it. You can't spend it. You can't make enough. You can only make money doing work you dislike. You can't seem to break free from debt. You seem to have a ceiling on your income that you can't break through.
What ever the problem, the underlying cause is likely to be faulty money-programming.
Wherever and however you are stuck, this book offers guidelines for getting yourself unstuck! It gives you a wealth of practical tools and techniques for identifying snarled-up money programming and reprogramming your money-mind for deep, long-lasting prosperity.